If you are interested in taking part in our photoshoot projects and promotions apply below. I generally look for the following qualities.

1. Fitness Level
2. Confidence
3. Expression
4. Posing ability
5. Ability to read :)

  • Can be your real or model alias name
  • E.g. CA
  • Any where you have a model profile or pictures.
  • Application Photos

    Make sure your pictures are clear. For the body shot show the most you are comfortable with. Please do don't send thoughtless photos... your application will be deleted immediately. Thank you!
  • *No weird angles please
  • Submissions

    After you hit the submit button it might take a moment to upload all the photos. Please be patient. Thank you. If you have problems you can also email us at modelsensationphoto@gmail.com
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Had a chance to take a few photos of our ModelSensation Whitney Marie and special guest Model Aaleeyah Petty at the Crown Lifestyle Halloween Party...

Model Castings

Crown Lifestyle is looking for models to work the Red Carpet and Vip Area of the Halloween Party at Manchester Music Hall. This is...